Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

We are fresh back from a long weekend in Victoria, BC.  Well, actually I’m not fresh.  I’m tired.  But, I’m happy.  And am currently downloading a bazzillion photos.  You think I jest?  By the time I’m done reporting on Victoria (in multiple blogs to come), you’re going to think we were there for a week instead of sixty hours or so.  We saw a lot of stuff and walked too many miles to count.

I captured this photo for the weekly photo challenge on Saturday morning.  We had walked to a local coffee shop for breakfast and from there struck out to explore Beacon Hill Park. The park has existed since the 19th century.  This stone bridge dates back to 1889 and was part of the park’s original landscaping design.

Mirror…reflection…a grand old bridge…

Weekly Photo Challenge, wishingmylifeaway.com


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