Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

“Find an alternative frame to the world around you,” instructs the weekly photo challenge.

Shakespeare proclaimed that all the world is a stage. Not so fast, Shakespeare! I’d like to suggest that all the world is a frame. Layers and textures and colors…seems like everywhere you look something is framing something else.  Or, perhaps I’m overthinking things on a sunny Friday afternoon.

When we were at Point Defiance Park last weekend I found myself photographing rose after lovely rose. Then, I happened to glance down and realized that the grass paths surrounding the roses were littered with equally lovely petals. Which resulted in me crawling around on the ground, which no longer strikes me as an unusual thing when I’m taking photos.

I found the petals sprinkled with dew to be particularly captivating. This red one frames a lake of dew. Wouldn’t that be a nice lake to paddle around in?

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