Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

My obvious choice for this week’s challenge, Cherry on Top, would be a stunning photo of Her Majesty, Mount Rainier.  “An enhancement that makes a good thing better,” is how the challenge is described.  That mountain is definitely what makes Western Washington better.  But, we’re not in Western Washington this weekend.  We’re in the great state of Oregon visiting my family.

Yesterday the husband and I went to Newport, which is just a few miles from my hometown.  We had lunch and beers at Rogue brewery, then walked out to the South Jetty and, from there, dropped onto the beach.  There was no wind and, while it wasn’t particularly sunny, it was comfortable.

The husband, who grew up in Southern Idaho, loves the beach.  Growing up on the Oregon coast I didn’t go to the beach.  I’ve developed a certain appreciation for the beaches of the Oregon coast since being married.  And, it makes him happy to go scamper about in the sand.  How can I deny him that?

Which brings us to Cherry on Top.  I took this photo of the husband moseying down the beach ahead of me.  Sandals in one hand, my lens in the other, blissed out on the beach. He’s my cherry on top.  An enhancement to my life that makes it much better.

Weekly photo challenge, wishingmylifeaway.com

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