Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week we were challenged to post a photograph of opposites.  Now, that leaves a lot to interpretation (yay!).  However, a single sentence in the introduction of the challenge caught my attention:  “I love the power of a single frame to bring together conflicting elements.”

Have you ever traveled through wide open spaces only to find yourself surprised when remnants of an old homestead or barn suddenly pops up in front of you?  It can be a bit startling.  The last thing we often expect, when faced with rolling hills and a field of green, is a structure.

I find myself captivated by this bits of history.  Wondering who built the structure, where they came from, and how on earth they ended up in the middle of no where.  Such was the story with the structure below.  It appears in opposition to the natural landscape around it. And leaves me wondering about its story.

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