Terrific Tuesday

Not a lot of spare time this week!  Work demands a certain amount of my time (too much!) and I just started an online photography class on composition.  I’ve also been studying a video series I purchased months ago called After the Camera – Vision Driven Editing.  So, I’m kind of busy with other things.

But, not too busy to drop this little gem of a photograph into your lap.  The husband and I did go hiking down at Mt. St. Helens last weekend.  The weather was gorgeous.  The wildflowers blanketed those stark hills and valleys with color.  I pushed it and the knee, in the end, didn’t fare well (perhaps if we’d stuck to four miles…maybe five…but not the six we did).

We saw some beautiful cloud patterns and an amazing weird rainbow that I’ll be sharing for Wordless Wednesday.  I thought this one looked a bit like a funnel cloud.  The husband, more prone to thoughts of lunch and dinner, suggested a twisted noodle…or a twisted pretzel stick.  🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Terrific Tuesday, wishingmylifeaway.com

8 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

    1. Thanks, Lisa…but six miles isn’t much for us. We tend to average 8-10. A long hike could be 12-15. A lot of it depends upon the gain.


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