Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

What’s your definition of pure?  I’ve been thinking of this, off-and-on, for much of the afternoon after reading the weekly photo challenge.

Pure lends itself to so very many interpretations.  My first thought was to cull through the archives and find a photo of the type of crystal clear water that can be found in rivers, streams and mountain lakes here in Western Washington.  I have a lot of photos of pure water.  But, I also like the idea of interpreting the challenge “day of”.  Right?  Find something in my immediate world that meets the challenge.

I started thinking about representation of pure around The Homestead.  My immediate thought was the dahlias, a few of which began blooming this week.  To my complete delight.  Such a hearty, gorgeous flower.  I’ll have dahlias from now through September. Makes my heart go pitter-pat.

I could have gone with the dahlia.  But, my attention was drawn to the green beans.  I planted bush bean seeds about three weeks ago.  The first packet, though they proclaimed they were fresh this year, failed to pop out of the ground.  I re-sowed just last weekend and a combination  of a few days of solid sunshine followed by showers the last day or so has resulted in beans pushing themselves up through the soil.  What’s more pure than that?  Tiny seedlings, pushing towards the light, unfurling in the sun.  Full of ambition and potential.  I have great hopes for those beans.  Meals that include fresh green beans.  And, if they yield a bumper crop….maybe some dilly beans.  Summer dreamin’…wrapped up in a pure little bean seedling.

Weekly photo Challenge


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

  1. My bush beans were non presenters too. Odd. I replanted both the first and second plantings, and they are slowly growing. Not like the peas, which a wild little over-achievers. We’ve had peas every meal this week and I’ve given some away. Push on pure little beans.


    1. Interesting. Tough year for beans. I hope they produce. When did you plant your peas? Mine are doing really well, too, but are still on the smallish side as the seeds went into the ground only three weeks ago.


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