Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

This week we were challenged to celebrate our many different faces.  At first I gnashed my teeth a bit.  I’m not a people photographer, for the most part, so there are few faces in my portfolio.  However, I happened to think of a photo that I took of the husband and I on our recent vacation.  It makes me smile, so I thought it the perfect photo to share.

We recently spent 9 days in the Caribbean, 4 nights on St. John, 5 on St. Thomas.  Our condo complex on St. T had a pool (3, actually).  We fell into a daily afternoon habit of going to a beach for a few hours, then returning to the condo and going to the pool. Because why wouldn’t we?  It averaged 85 degrees with 80-90% humidity.

We were often at the pool alone, which resulted in a couple of cannon ball competitions (the husband excelled, I sucked) and a lot of general goofing off.  This is our nod to Wilson on Home Improvement:

Weekly Photo Challenge, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

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