80 in April?!!

Yes, indeedy-do…we had ourselves a little heat wave in April this year.  A good 4 days of 75+ degree weather.  Which caused all of us to have to dig through piles of winter layers in search of summer clothes.

The problem with warm weather in April is that it causes me to do silly things.  I considered switching out wardrobes.  I told the husband that we should pull the patio set out of the garage.  I thought about moving the Traeger from the garage to the back patio.

You know…delusional things.

80 in April, cookdrinhike.wordpress.com

Our spurt of summer was quickly followed by typical April rain and 60 degree days.


It sure was nice while it lasted.

80 in April, cookdrinhike.wordpress.com

On one such sunny day the husband and I went out to a local waterfront park (Priest Point) for a little walk.  It’s a nice park, though one adored by the masses so it can be a bit like a carnival on sunny days.  They also have a nice trail system that winds its way through the woods, dipping down at various beaches until you dead-end at a final beach with sweeping views of Budd Inlet, the capitol and the Olympic range.

80 in April, cookdrinhike.wordpress.com

Unfortunately, the trail suffered mightily in a winter storm a few years ago and it would appear that the city does not have the resources to repair parts of the trail.  Perhaps they should talk to Washington Trail Association?

80 in April, cookdrinhike.wordpress.com

As a result, there are some downed trees, swampy sections and (new since last year) erosion that has caused a slide on a short section of the trail.  It is not insurmountable, by any means, but results in being a bit more than a casual stroll.

80 in April, cookdrinhike.wordpress.com

We, however, were not deterred.  It was April.  We were in shorts (shorts!!!), the birds were chirping, all was lush and green and sprouting.  No complaints here!

Ahhh…sunny day.



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