Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration

This week we were invited to post a photo depicting something or someone we admire, with “bonus” points if we share a paragraph or so explaining the basis for our admiration.

The world has statesmen, sports heroes, movie stars, altruists, scientists and lots of dead people (“Et tu, Brute?”) to admire.  I have family.  In particular, my grandparents.  Meet Grandpa & Grandma Jones.  Or, as I call them, “Plain ol’ Grandpa & Grandma.”

Weekly Photo Challenge, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

I honestly can’t describe the depth of my admiration or love for those two people. Grandma will be 90 in May.  Grandpa will catch up in August.  They live independently the house that my Mom spent her teens in.  The house that, I swear, I spent half of my childhood in.

Grandpa is gregarious, Grandma reserved.  And yet, Grandma was the one most likely to kick my butt if I misbehaved.  She probably still could if she put her mind to it.  They are the center of our family.  Two pillars who have stood steadfast and true for many, many years.  The sun that all of us circle.

Admiration?  Oh, yeah.  Admiration beyond words.

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