Blue Sky and Cherry Blossoms on a Dark and Rainy Day

It’s raining.

Surprise, surprise.

I’m still in bed.  Looking at the clock.  6:19.  Five more minutes…just five more minutes!

It’s Monday.

Which in and of itself isn’t a horrible thing.  Just another manic Monday.  Wish it were Sunday.

I do.

Wish it were Sunday.  Or, at the very least, I wish it weren’t raining.


Because the rain makes me fear for the cherry blossoms.  As rain has a tendency to beat those delicate flowers off of the trees.  It’s one thing to see a breeze catch loose blossoms and swirl them like snow (I kind of like that).  It’s another thing for the rain to knock them off the trees, causing them to cluster in damp clumps on the ground.  The short life of a cherry blossom in the Pac NW.

Last week I had an all-day meeting at an 0ff-the-beaten path state building.  It sits between industrial buildings and a housing development that’s going up at an alarming rate.  I found myself admiring the grounds…early-flowering azalea (that’s where I took the bumblebee photos I posted last week), heather and flowering cherry.  So, on Friday I took my camera to work and stopped by there on my way home.  It was a beautiful spring evening (I didn’t even have a jacket on!  That’s big news, folks!) and I spent a good 45 minutes enjoying the beauty of the season.

Sigh.  There will be no enjoying the beauty of the season today.  It’s back to raincoats and layers.  Rats.  Oh, well.  It wouldn’t be this green if it didn’t rain…right?  That’s what we tell ourselves.  And, I’d be bitter if it was sunny and beautiful today since I have to work. Right?

But, just for a moment, let’s delude ourselves into thinking it looks like this outside. Because it makes everyone feel better.

6 thoughts on “Blue Sky and Cherry Blossoms on a Dark and Rainy Day

  1. Lovely. I never even thought to go to the capitol grounds last Wednesday when I was in town. Glad I got to see the UW blossoms, and your Olympia pics. Here’s another happy thing about the rain: I planted peas and spinach on Friday and didn’t want to drag the hundreds of feet of hose up the driveway to the garden yet. Decided to “take a chance” on the seeds getting rain. 😀 Thank you, as always, for your beautiful photography and fun words.


    1. Thanks, Gretchen! I always tell myself I need to get up to UW, but have yet to do it. Someday… You planted peas and spinach this early?! We just bought seeds yesterday–we’re going to try to do most everything from seed rather than buying plants (intending to start most inside). I told my husband he should put together a spreadsheet regarding what we should plant when as I know we can get some stuff in the ground earlier than May, which is the standard time that my family always put in the whole garden.


  2. My favorite part of the blossom spectacle might very well be when they blanket the ground like snow but the problem is the window of prettiness closes extremely fast if it starts raining too much and pretty soon everything is just patchy confetti mush. You sure had some nice pictures in that last post!


    1. Thanks, Jason. I was looking out the window while at work today and found myself laughing at an SUV down below that was absolutely COVERED in wet petals. They may want to rethink where they park. 🙂


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