It’s another day of torrential rain here in Western Washington.  I exaggerate.  Not torrential.  Just steady.  The puddles runneth over.  You get the idea.  Yesterday evening asked the husband if he would help me paint the kitchen.  Because that’s a project that needs to be done.  This morning I decided painting didn’t found like fun.

What I really wanted to do was take a road trip, as an excuse to take photos.  But, I’ve mentioned the rain, right?  We could have gone to Paradise up at Mt. Rainier…but you can’t see the mountain today (I looked).  We could have gone to the coast…but rain and wind and camera?  Not my favorite mix.

So, we went to Lowe’s.  And bought supplies to frame a large map of the Puget Sound that we bought years ago and have yet to frame.  Because to have it professionally done would cost hundreds of dollars (it’s 30×54).  We looked online and got some DIY ideas and bought supplies today.  He’s got to go back to town, so I’m going to head into the kitchen soon and make a raspberry pie for our Valentine’s dessert this evening.  We went out for Valentine’s dinner last night.  Why not make a whole weekend of it?

Tomorrow morning a girlfriend and I will trek to Seattle for the annual Love ’em or Leave ’em 5k at Greenlake.  It is likely going to rain.  But, we intend to drink mimosas before the race and go out for brunch after, so what’s a little rain?

Tonight’s raspberry pie will follow stuffed flank steak, garlic rosemary roasted baby potatoes and balsamic roasted asparagus.  The sparkly is chilling in the refrigerator.  Oh, and I’m going to make a dill pickle dip as an appetizer, which sounds really weird, but we are pickle people and the recipe looks yummy.

Anyways, as I was lamenting the rain I happened to notice this little crocus.  I love crocus. Eager, early bloomers.  The first pop of color after winter.  Crocus represents hope.  Hope for spring, which is just around the corner.  It brightened my day a bit.  I hope it does the same for yours.

Weekly Photo Challenge, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. OMG! Your menu is making my mouth water! Please share the pickle dip! I am a pickle girl too – and it sounds delish! You got a great photo for a rainy day, and I love that you will drink a mimosa before your run. Sounds like a glorious weekend! No rain hear, but barely double digits it is so cold. Just going to hunker in with red wine and a fire this evening. Pure bliss in my book! 🙂 happy heart weekend!

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    1. Thanks, Jodi! I occasionally outdo myself in the kitchen. 🙂 Actually, it appears that I’ve cooked for 6 or 8 rather than 2, so if you’d like to climb in your invisible wonderwoman jet and head to the west coast for dinner we’ve got plenty. 🙂
      Here is the pickle dip recipe: http://bellyfull.net/2012/02/21/dill-pickle-dip/
      Now, here’s the thing: we’re homemade pickle people. Store-bought pickles are sub-standard. So, I am positive that this recipe is better with home-canned pickles, if you have some or can get your hands on some. I just finished mixing the dip up and it is quite tasty. I may fill up on that before we get to dinner. I envy your no rain, but would rather rain than cold that cold. You can never go wrong with the red wine, fire, book combination! Enjoy and happy heart weekend to you as well!

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