Playing on an Overcast Day

Sunday afternoon I headed out to Woodard Bay while the husband cut on a tree that fell in the great beyond at The Homestead last winter.  He thinks running the chainsaw is fun.

I had hoped to use my new polarizing filter (thanks for the Christmas money, Dad & Mom…you bought me a polarizing filter!), but it was just too overcast.  My solution? Well, bummer, I had to pull out the 6-stop neutral density filter instead.  I screwed the filter onto my 50mm, screwed the camera onto the tripod and went to work.

These are a few of my favorites:

Playing on an Overcast Day,



Playing on an Overcast Day,

Playing on an Overcast Day,

Playing on an Overcast Day,


10 thoughts on “Playing on an Overcast Day

      1. Gidgity gadgets! I’m going to work that into a sentence this week. Yes they aren’t that expensive. I’ve been schizo in wanting things from the camera shop so I haven’t bought one yet. I was just looking at extension tubes for my macro so I would be able to get even closer on the snowflakes. Maybe if the tax return is decent I can check off the whole list!


      2. Goat frolic is also a satisfying phrase. If you get any closer to those snowflakes you’re going to be snorting them. I’ve not explored extension tubes. I don’t think I will, at this time. 🙂


      3. I think I could probably use an extension tube to snort a snowflake. haha! (I had to massively crop to get that close, which affects the quality of the photo) And is “goat frolic” like a swear word…OH GOAT FROLIC! Or is it used when you’re feeling hyper….”I got the goat frolics today?” It also kind of sounds like some kind of skin condition…


      4. Goat frolic is used to describe chaos. A work meeting that goes awry? That’s a goat frolic. If you can manage to combine it with another favorite (herding cats), then you’re having an exceptional day: “Good grief, that meeting was a goat frolic…like herding cats.”

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