Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

I’ve been trying to approach the Weekly Photo Challenge slightly differently these last couple of weeks, which has resulted in Saturday posts rather than Friday.  My previous approach, which I will undoubtedly still use, was to check my email mid-morning from work to find out the theme for the week (I have to admit, there’s a little too much anticipation for me surrounding this weekly event), come home in the evening, pull something from the archives and post it.  However, recently I’ve been interpreting the theme “live”:  thinking about it Friday and shooting and posting specific pictures on Saturday.

I’ve continued in that vein this week.

The theme?  Vibrant.  The invitation?  “This week, share a photo of something vibrant. Vivid colors, a lively portrait, or perhaps a delightfully colorful landscape, if you’re in a warmer climate. Let’s wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.”

Winter gloom, indeed.  It’s been raining heavily here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest this week (though, better rain than…how many feet of snow back East?) and the days have been rather dark.  However, vibrant immediately made me think of the flats of primrose sold annually at Costco.

Who isn’t a sucker for primrose?  Such a gorgeous pop of color early in the year.  So, I buy them. Almost every year.  I bring them home.  I plant them.  And….they drown and/or the flowers rot.  Why?  Because it’s raining.  Almost daily.  For hours on end.  And I mourn the demise of my once-cheery primrose.  And swear that I won’t buy them again.  Until the next year, when it’s January and has been raining for days and I’m wandering the aisles of Costco and those sunny flats of primrose dazzle my rain-tired eyes (such was the case yesterday evening, though the brightness of primrose was in steep competition with the smell of roast chicken.  Both came home with me).

So vibrant…while they last.

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