Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Weekly Photo Challenge?  Gathering.  Share a picture of a gathering.  The poster’s example was an awkward family picture of her dogs.  That means I can use the theme gather some memories, share awkward cat Christmas pictures and share my heart.  Because there are no other pictures for me to post today except a couple of my friend Slater.

One year ago today I lost my best feline friend to cancer.  It still breaks my heart.  I could tell many stories.  Happy stories, funny stories, sweet stories.  But, sometimes a few words are all that is needed to capture the essence of a sweet, sweet spirit.  She was my super-talker. She always had opinion, whether I wanted to hear it or not.  She was my grey shadow, always at my side.  She was my kitty scarf, draped across my chest and neck every evening, occasionally reaching a paw up to touch the side of my face.  She was my shining star…the center of my universe.  She was a participant in awkward human-cat Christmas photos.

I love and miss you Slater boo-boo.

Weekly Photo Challenge, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com
“I got the Christmas presents…why do I have to pose for a stupid picture?”


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