Feline Induced Melancholy

Feeling a little sad this afternoon.  It’s been a good day. Ran (and, remember, when I say “run” I mean a jig-joggity-walky thing) a Jingle Bell 5k this morning with a girlfriend (and the rain stopped long enough for the race!).  Stopped and visited another girlfriend.  And then I stopped by my favorite local pet store.

I needed to pick up Christmas presents for CJ and for his buddy, Neb (whom he has never met) for their gift exchange. I entered the store and noticed that they had their holiday tree up.  Filled with pictures of cats and dogs in need, with their needs listed on the back.  Some are elder care animals, some are available for adoption, some are “special needs” animals in foster care.

This is Roux:

Feline Induced Melancholy, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

Isn’t he adorable?  Roux is around 7 years old.  He has heart disease and is listed in the “Medically Fragile Program.” Roux needed things like cat food, pill pockets and catnip toys.  Roux now has those things.

It makes my heart ache for my cat.  Not this cat:

Feline Induced Melancholy, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

Isn’t he a handsome boy.

No, I miss this cat:

Feline Induced Melancholy, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

My grey girl.  My super-sweet Slater.  As I’ve mentioned previously, we lost her to cancer right before Christmas last year.  I love the orange boy.  I do.  He is a character.  And so very different from Slater.  But, I miss, miss, miss her.

I think the fact that we’re approaching the one-year anniversary of her death is contributing to my tearfulness. And the tree at the pet store.

I remember last year when I went to buy Christmas presents for Slater.  I approached the tree and began looking at the tags.  I found one for a cat who was also suffering from cancer.  I bought everything on that cat’s tag and more…and came home crying, telling the husband about the homeless cat with cancer.  At least Slater had a forever home.  And she was loved.  And spoiled rotten.

And I miss her.

So, I think I’ll mix myself a Christmas cocktail and hug on the orange cat a bit, even though he doesn’t really have time to be hugged on because he’s too busy.  The grey one was a super-snuggler.  An expert.  I miss the smothering.

And I miss her.


You…go find a tree in a pet store and buy things for a homeless animal. Yes, you.






6 thoughts on “Feline Induced Melancholy

    1. Thanks, Briny. It is so very hard. And easy to assume that we’ll just have them forever. Do you have a real name, Briny? Because I’ve not been able to find it on your site. 🙂


  1. Aww, Slater looks like my former fur kitty, Stormy, same coloring. He’s gone on to the rainbow bridge a few years ago. So hard to lose our fur babies. I shall have to check our pet store for the tree. Never heard of that.


    1. Thanks, Terri. This store is part of a small, local chain, but I think I’ve even seen trees at Petsmart in the past. If that fails, you could just call your local shelter or rescue facility and ask what their current needs are.

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