Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

When I first read that this week’s photo challenge was “Trio” I immediately thought I would post a “trio” of leaf pictures that I took in the back yard last weekend.  I’m rather fond of them, so it was almost one of those, “No matter the theme I’m going to manipulate it to fit these photos.”  We’ve all been there.

But, then I thought of a photo that I took in the Paradise lodge up at Mt. Rainier a couple of months ago.  It’s a snidge more than a trio, but I’m okay with that.  You okay with that?  Call it “artistic license.”

Paradise lodge is rustic.  Lots of wood.  Big wood burning fireplaces. And these hang from the ceiling:





Hand painted light shade covers.  There are easily three dozen of these beauties, in a variety of sizes, throughout the lobby area.  Each with different native plants/flowers painted on them by Dale C. Thompson, who was a former Chief Naturalist at Mt. Rainier.  They are stunning.  I want one.  Or a dozen.

And that is my almost-trio.


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