Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

I’m back.  I know.  I’m being “one of those people” who posts more than one entry for the weekly photo challenge.  I really try not to do that, and if you look through the archives you’ll see that I don’t do it very often.  But, after posting my first entry I immediately thought of another very happy place.  It’s just not a convenient “Happy Place.”  It’s Sedona, AZ.  We met Sedona for the first time (and most certainly not the last) in 2013.

I remember the drive from Phoenix.  First desert (and a city sprawl that seems to last forever).  Then desert with big cacti. Then the green Verde Valley.  Then the turn off to Sedona.  Ten miles out and not one red rock in sight.  I suggested to the husband that, perhaps, there is only one red rock in Sedona and that’s the one that appears in all of the tourist pictures. And then we went around a bend…and the red rock opened before us.  I may have sighed.  I may have gasped.  But, I can honestly say that it was one of the most stunning things that I’ve seen in my life.

We spent a week there, hiking everyday.  And, everyday I fell a little more in love with red rock.  Happiness is a bunch of red rocks, take my word for it.

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