An Unexpected Surprise

Last Sunday afternoon I headed to Tacoma.  Destination:  Hotel Murano.  I was helping set up for a conference that was being held there on Monday.  I had decided to stay the night so I wouldn’t have to get up before the butt-crack of dawn on Monday morning and trek to Tacoma.  I’m a morning person if it’s on my terms.

I’ve wanted to stay at Hotel Murano for some time.  But, it’s less than an hour from my home and I find it difficult to spend money on a hotel that close to home.  That being said, I still want to spend a night at Silver Cloud, Tacoma.  The one that sits right out on the water down on Ruston Way.  Maybe for my birthday.  With dinner at Stanley and Seaforts.  And still get presents.  Ohhhhhh husband who I adore……

Anyways, there were a block of rooms reserved at the hotel (at a discounted rate.  That’s what helped my decision-making process in the to-stay-or-not-to-stay dilemma) for those of us on the conference committee.  I kind of assumed we’d be on the first floor, possibly next to the door leading to the dumpsters.  Imagine my delight when I entered my room (on the 21st floor), glanced out the window…and did a double-take.

There she was.

My beauty, my majesty, my muse….my mountain.  She’s following me around.

I was so happy I had tossed my little point-n-shoot into my bag on the way out the door.  I only had a couple of minutes before I had to be downstairs, but I managed to get a few nice shots.

An Unexpected Surprise,

We were done with set-up by a little after 6.  I was hungry, but I checked sunset and it was a little before 7, so I decided to catch it before going to dinner.

An Unexpected Surprise,

An Unexpected Surprise,

I had to be down at the conference center by 7 am the next morning.  Well, some were down there at 6, but I chose not to be one of those over-achievers.  I also deliberately planned my arrival a bit later so I could catch the early-morning light.  I was not disappointed.  Not at all.

An Unexpected Surprise,

An Unexpected Surprise,

An Unexpected Surprise,

The conference was a hit, the room was lovely, and her majesty was as stunning as usual.

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