The Big Cheese is Home

Three weeks ago I introduced you to Colby Jack, the cat we adopted.  I met him for the very first time that weekend and arranged to bring him home after we returned from vacation.  We returned last night.  Today I went and picked him up.  At this very moment he’s sitting on the husband’s lap getting his ears scratched.  I don’t think it’s going to take long for him to settle in.  He’s been here five hours and is already well on his way.

Ready and waiting!
Ready and waiting!

As I’ve shared previously, we lost our prior cat, Slater, to cancer last December.  We felt her absence acutely, but needed to heal before bringing another cat into our home.  He was worth the wait.  He’s big.  He’s orange.  He’s beautiful.  He was already on the couch and the chair in the formal living room.  Which means he’s trouble.  He will learn that while he is welcome to lounge upon the couch in the family room that his fuzzy self is not allowed on the living room furniture.  And so begins the training….of both Colby Jack and LaNae (the husband would just let him do whatever he wants, including tip-toeing across the kitchen counter.  Okay, maybe he wouldn’t allow that, but pretty close).

The husband installing the cat door in the garage door.
The husband installing the cat door in the garage door.

It feels so good to have a cat in the house, again.

His Orangeness
His Orangeness

10 thoughts on “The Big Cheese is Home

  1. I just can’t figure out how my three quarter grown ole Tiger Cat keeps sneaking out and onto other folks websites! It always startles me to see him. With all the wonderful scratching posts, his own door, and words of praise you have provided, I fear he will not return from this latest cyber space escapade.


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