Beating a Dead Mountain…

How does one get four posts out of an overnight trip to Mt. Rainier?  It takes a very special person, let me tell you.  It’s all of the pictures!  If I cram them all into one entry the sucker will be ridiculously long and you’d give up long before you got to the end.  And you’d get tired of my stories and general blathering.  My hope is that I can maintain my captive audience if I split them up.  Are you falling for that?

24 hours after arriving at Mt. Rainier we headed home.  Is it possible for one person to take 491 pictures in 24 hours when 7 of those hours were spent sleeping?  Apparently so.  Perhaps I should consider a “less-is-more” approach when it comes to photography.  I’ll think about that.

Beating a Dead Mountain,

As we wound our way down from Paradise we stopped a few times for pictures (of course) and also stopped by Reflection Lake.  The fog was starting to burn away so we were able to see both lake and mountain.  I had to use my point-n-shoot because I couldn’t capture both with the 50mm.  Want a wide angle lens.  24mm?  Is that what I want?

Even birds enjoy the view.
Even birds enjoy the view.

Anyways, Reflection Lake was beautiful, as usual.  And that’s where I’ll leave you.  With a few more pictures of the beautiful countryside that sits in my back yard.

Beating a Dead Mountain,

8 thoughts on “Beating a Dead Mountain…

  1. You were smart to break up your post. I made the mistake of writing one long post about Mt. Rainer with lots of photos. It’s true nobody wants to wade through that much. Hence why I had very little views on a post I had been excited to share. Mt. Rainer is truly a treasure and I am so glad we had the opportunity to explore this beautiful mountain. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Sometimes it’s just best to break things up…particularly since most of us have the attention span of a gnat. At least I do. 😉 I find myself looking at the number of words in a post and WP’s “estimate” of how long it should take me to read it to determine if I want to go there. Sad but true.

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