Monochromatic at Mt. Rainier

After 24 hours at Mt. Rainier I came home with a slew of pictures, a three of which I’m posting for a second round of The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”

The first was taken during yesterday’s hike on Skyline trail, which I will tell you about in detail (with a great number of pictures) in a separate post.  I zoomed in (with my little point-n-click because there is still room in my life for a compact camera) on one of the glaciers and really like the different colors and textures.


The second was taken on a rocky section of the trail.  Yes, the sky was that blue.  I do so love autumn afternoons at the mountain.


The final was taken this morning on a trail just above the lodge.  The weather was sketchy (lots of fog), but the fall color was still amazing.


4 thoughts on “Monochromatic at Mt. Rainier

  1. I’ve only ever snowshoed the Skyline Trail. I’ll look forward to seeing some more of your pictures from there! I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can make it up to MRNP for some exploring before autumn advances too much.


    1. I’ve only ever hiked the Skyline trail. 🙂 You should try to make it up there…the colors are gorgeous. I think we’re going to try to hit Tolmie Peak in October, if the weather cooperates. That will likely be the last hooray of the season.


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