Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

The weekly photo challenge, “From Every Angle,” is one that I am pretty comfortable with.  We were instructed to photograph a stationary object from three different angles.  My love of flowers has compelled me to crawl on the ground, stand on tiptoes and generally twist myself in a pretzel seeking just the right angle.

When I got home from work I took my camera out onto our back patio and focused on my terra cotta pots full of wave petunia. I use the word “full” loosely.  This year has been a tough year for the petunias.  I think because we’ve had an unusually warm, dry summer.  Usually, by mid-July, they have completely taken over the pots and fall almost to the ground.  In fact, you pretty much can’t see the pots.  Not so much this summer.  Sigh.  But, they’re still pretty.

Here are my angles:

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