Baby Bird Update

This evening I went out to water fuchsia basket because it was drooping.  Remember my suspicion that baby bird had fallen into it?  Well, I was maybe wrong.  It appears baby bird is living in the fuchsia basket.  Really?!  Baby bird is not so smart.  I did a couple of test squirts, then a couple more and out came baby.  Definitely more capable of flying today than on Friday, but still not an expert.  Down to the ground where it scampered/fluttered under the edge of the wound up hose.  Parental birds were chastising me.  I explained to them that their baby is kind of dumb and asked what I’m supposed to do, let my flower die because their baby is living in it?

Sigh.  Baby bird better take flight or my hanging basket may die.

Baby Bird Update,
Male or female bird chastising me.
Baby Bird Update,
Scared baby bird hiding under the hose.

3 thoughts on “Baby Bird Update

      1. I guess you could consider it an honour that your hanging basket resembled the perfect nest for baby!

        look at it this way: the flowers will come back. a baby bird may never nest there again — so make sure you have those all important shots! 😀

        we have nestboxes, butterfly motels, and bee motels in the backyard. not a thing has nested there this year. I would *love* to have your baby bird!! 😀

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