A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Most of WordPress’ Blogging 101 assignments the last few days have revolved around encouraging us to meet and greet and get to know the neighbors.  I didn’t necessarily specifically look for new blogs to follow and comment on, but the assignments did spur me to share some of the blogs that I’ve collected in my reader over the last few months.

I find myself most often searching for bloggers living in the great state of Washington. It’s a great way to find new places to go and new experiences to experience.  In fact, it was Peggy at Northwest Photos post on blue poppies that finally spurred me to visit the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden in Federal Way. She is a fellow stalker of flowers and a couple of weekends ago we appeared to be following each other around at Mount St. Helens.

I always look forward to Lisa’s weekly hipstamatic over at Northwest Frame of Mind. It’s just fun to see what she’s been up to over the last week and where she’s been.  I’m also always impressed with the quality of photos that she manages to pull out of an iphone.

Molly Eire has posted some stunning photos at her namesake blog.  Her photo of a blood moon we experienced here back in May remains one of my favorites.

And how can you not follow a blog called Tyrannosaurus Fir?  I appreciate Jason’s humor, photos and his storytelling style. And I wish I had that shelf of cool toys.  I mean, Jabba the Hut posed next to Han Solo when he was cryogenically frozen? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Those are some of my fellow Pacific Northwesterners.  However, so that you don’t think that I’m all snobby and narrow-minded I’d also like to introduce you to Serena at Foodfulife.  Serena hails from Genoa, Italy and posts a Picture a Day. Most of her subjects are fruits and vegetables, simply and artistically displayed.  Her photos are….luscious.

And, last but not least, a blog that I’ve just recently started following, Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist.  Desleyjane, a cool Australian chick, posts great stories and photos, many written and taken as she galavants about the countryside for work.  I find myself looking forward to Dark Side Thursday.

So, there you go.  Go check them out.  I like them…you will, too.

6 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Blogs

  1. Thanks, Lanae for mentioning me in your blog. That’s so kind of you, and I am flattered to be followed by you. You get around to a lot of interesting places with some very nice photos to share. Thanks, again!


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