And He Did Not Speak English…

This morning I headed out to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge for a little walk. I’ve previously shared the history of this beautiful place here, so I won’t repeat myself.

I felt pretty cool as I walked along with my new camera and my big lens (70-200). I said, “Hello,” to birders with big binoculars and equally (and some larger) lenses. It was all going well.

A Post of Few Words,

I hop-scotched with a fellow photographer on the first part of the boardwalk. I then put on the gas a bit and moved ahead, seeking solitude.

A Post of Few Words,

I didn’t do the entire boardwalk over the estuary this morning.  The remnants of this cold still have me dragging a bit.  And I needed to get to the grocery store as I had cookin’ to do today.

A Post of Few Words,

As I began to wander back in the general direction of my car the same photographer stopped me and pointed out an eagle swooping above.  I need a bigger lens.  I caught him, but he was too far away to turn into much.

A Post of Few Words,

Anyways, the photographer fell in step with me and started chatting.  Turns out he does real estate and pet photography professionally on a part-time basis.  That’s an interesting combination.

A Post of Few Words,

He asked me about my gear (really nice guy, by the way) and I attempted to explain my way through it.  I then confessed that I recently upgraded to DSLR and that, at this point, I am using auto and really haven’t a clue.  But the pictures sure are purdy (okay, I didn’t say that out loud).

A Post of Few Words, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.comHe nodded in understanding and opened his mouth and out flowed…a foreign language.  I know he was talking about photography, but it was waaaaaay over my head, at this point (give me some time, I’ll get there.  Then I’ll be able to talk cool photographer-speak, too).

A Post of Few Words, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.comWhat did I do?  I nodded.  Made appropriate noises of affirmation.  And generally tried to appear more intelligent than I felt.  Really nice guy.

A Post of Few Words,

In the midst of all of that I was able to gather that he lives up north and comes down to the refuge each Saturday and Sunday.  Oh, and he also mentioned a number of different birds.  I know birds about as well as I do…well, photography, at the moment.  Haha!

A Post of Few Words, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.comWe reached a spot where the path splits.  He asked which way I was going and I indicated I was going to head back to my car.  After we parted ways I, at the next split, headed back to the boardwalk to enjoy a few more photos.  Genuinely nice guy…I just couldn’t understand what he was talking about.  And, yet, I found the interaction delightful.

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