Broken: The Power of Mt. St. Helens

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is “Broken.”  On May 18, 1981 Mount St. Helens erupted.  I invite you to visit this website if you’re interested in more information.  It is amazing to see the recovery that has occurred since the devastation.  Just as stunning is the very real evidence of an eruption that occurred 34 years ago.  Last May the husband and I went for a hike in the area. We started near Coldwater Lake and headed up a ridge line into the wilderness.  Once off the beaten path you still see the evidence of blow down.  Broken trees, gnarled stumps.  We reached the crest of one ridge and saw the first of a number of pieces of logging machinery that, to this day, litter the landscape.  Here’s the thing:  there was no logging operation on the ridge we were on at the time of the blast.  The power of the eruption picked up this, and other pieces of equipment, and flung them (for miles) to their current location.  To me, this is an excellent representation of broken.The Power of Mt St Helens,

The Power of Mt St Helens, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.comThe Power of Mt St Helens,

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