Intricate Cobweb: Weekly Photo Challenge, Part Deux

Can I post a do-over for my contribution to the weekly photo challenge?  I was traveling when the last one came up and I immediately knew which photo I wanted to use, but it was on the home computer and I was….not.  So, I posted a photo I took with my iphone while in the redwoods.  Didn’t love it.

The challenge, if you’ll recall, was to post of photo representative of “Intricate.”

I immediately thought of this photo, which was taken on a hike back in January. I lost my best feline friend, Slater, in December to cancer.  It sucked.  Sucked badly. A couple of weeks after her death we went for a hike.  The husband and I just needed to get out.  We felt raw…heartbroken…and needed a little nature to soothe our souls.  It was a good day, even in the midst of our sorrow.  The light, the fog, everything just worked out spectacularly for this photo.

Still miss my sweet Slater.  I’ll have to tell you more about her some time.  She was a special girl.  A dog in a cat’s body.  Personality plus.  Soft like a bunny.  The best friend a girl could have.  Intricate…in so may ways.


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