Hummingbirds in motion, Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge, Motion, was perfectly timed.  I’ve been stalking the little hummingbirds that are coming to the feeder outside our kitchen window.  They are, at this point, shy.  This morning, two of them were feeding.  I was sitting at the table in the breakfast nook watching them.  Not…moving…a…muscle.  The husband entered the room and I told him what was up.  He edged around the back of the table to get a look.  Off one went.  The other, on the far side of the feeder, was intent upon breakfast…but nervous.  He would suck on the nectar, pause, crane his little neck to look around the feeder to make sure we weren’t endangering his feathery little life, return to the nectar.  He continued with this neck-craning behavior for a number of minutes before finally flying off.

When I got home this evening I planted myself in a chair at the table (with a cocktail, which helps with patience) and waited.  This is what I’ve come up with, so far:



11 thoughts on “Hummingbirds in motion, Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Just hung exact feeder which I purchased after my old one broke. Patiently awaiting the return of last season’s humming bird who alas, is late in arrival. I have read that they return to same place very year and hope this is true. Enjoyed this photo!


    1. Thanks! I hope they return every year. I have at least 4 different ones regularly hitting the feeder. Last night two kept chasing each other off, which wasn’t working out well for either of them. No one was getting dinner.

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