This morning…

I went outside this morning to get a few dahlia and gladiola bulbs in the ground. Got a little wet.  To be expected.  I also wandered around with my camera to capture some spring beauties.

004Azalea Blossom

I haven’t really been out in the yard, much.  We’ve had some beautiful weather, yes, but it doesn’t seem worth the effort to weed the flower beds this early.  It’s April.  It’s going to rain a lot more.  The weeds like rain.  That being said, I did find myself pulling some of the obvious weeds as I was out there (read:  the ones that were big enough to be embarrassing.


There are a few things that I, a homeowner in the Pacific Northwest, would prefer not to hear as people wander about our property.


“The moss makes your lawn look vividly green!”


“Wow!  This tansy is as high as my waist!”

044Apple Blossom

“You know, some people consider dandelions to be a delicacy.  Have you tried them in a salad?”

Kwanzan Cherry TreeKwanzan Cherry Tree

“I’m sure you’ll pull those weeds as soon as it stops raining, right?”

072Meet Cousin It (picture above).  He’s our Japanese Maple.  I love him.  When his branches hit the ground (thus, Cousin It) I give him a trim.  He’s magnificent.

Have a happy Saturday filled with lush, green moss (ours is currently black as the husband put moss killer on it last weekend).

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